Construction Management in Ottawa and Gatineau

Gestion DMJ Management focuses on:

Project Control

Two important points to continually monitor during a project include:

Cost Control:

Cost control helps to prevent large discrepancies from arising between the actual cost of the project and the budgeted cost. In this way, Gestion DMJ Management can monitor the progress of the financial status and better predict any discrepancies between the final cost and the budgeted cost. The software that allows us to manage this cost monitoring is the Acomba Fortune 1000 Construction Suite.

Scheduling Control:

The timeframe represents the project lifecycle. From the initial stages, Gestion DMJ Management begins to evaluate the time required to complete the project. During the course of project construction, thanks to definitive planning, DMJ Management can determine the rate of progress of the work with varying degrees of accuracy. Planning tools like Microsoft Project allow us to establish a precise schedule and control any deviations that occur with regard to the forecasts.

Project Management in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region

Gestion DMJ Management manages a construction project by taking charge of it from the initial exploratory phase, then following and controlling it during the construction phase, and considering it completed only at the time of its final acceptance by the owner.

To accomplish this, Gestion DMJ Management ensures that staffing, technological and material resources are put in place to meet objectives in terms of costs, delivery times and the quality of the construction project.